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Some people like Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy. Some people don't quite like it, but feel there is a good movie in there somewhere. These are the fanedits.

Fanedits of the Hobbit TrilogyEdit

3-in-1 edits:

3-in-2 edits:

Other partial-Trilogy edits:

  • There and Back Again Part 1 (Menbailee)
  • The Arkenstone Edition
  • The Expected Cut of an Unexpected Journey/The Desolation of Superfluous Narrative
  • Fire of the Dragon/Into the Fire
  • Fire & Water
  • The Last Light/The Battle For Lonely Mountain
  • An Unexpected Journey - The Entirely Respectable Edition

Appendices edits:

  • LOTR: The Battle of Dol Goldur (TABA: Definitive Cut)
  • Durin's Folk and the Hill of Sorcery (Maple Films)
  • Dol Goldur (Osom)
  • The Battle of Dol Goldur - A Tolkien Appendices Feature (Composite Edition)
  • Istari and the Rise of Sauron (Sean Tuccillo)
  • The Necromancer of Dol Goldur (Bread & Butter)
  • Captain of the Guard (Bread & Butter)

Miscellaneous Edits and Projects

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A Comprehensive Guide to Fan Edits of the Hobbit Trilogy

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